What is Health Insurance ?

What is Health Insurance ?

Health insurance is a plan offered by insurance providers that is designed to protect you financially when health problems arise. On one hand, issues with health have become unavoidable thanks to changes in the environment and lifestyle over the past few decades. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t guarantee a healthy body these days. On the other hand, medical costs have skyrocketed, which can leave you in a dire situation if you aren’t prepared. Health insurance has gained importance in today’s world due to these reasons. It is a smart investment to make but requires a bit of research to ensure the plan is affordable, offers good coverage and will pay out sufficiently when needed

Types of Health Insurance Plans in India:

There are a variety of insurance plans designed to cater to different status of society. According to your needs, you can select a plan under any of the following categories.
1, Individual Health Insurance Policies:
2 ,Family Floater Health Insurance Policies:
3, Senior Citizen Health Assurance Plans:
4, Critical Illness Plans:
5, Maternity Health Insurance:
6, Group/Employee Health Insurance Schemes:
7, Preventive Healthcare:
8, Personal Accident Covers:

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